About the NHA

The NHA was founded by Lindsey Partridge in 2012 because of a growing interest in the community for an association to promote and support natural horsemanship – regardless of where or who you learn from or what discipline you choose.

The goal of the NHA is to bring the natural horsemanship community together, and better promote it to new people.

The NHA offers many ways for members and the community to learn about and participate in natural horsemanship.

One of the highlights of the NHA is the Natural Horsemanship Trade Show which is a free event to members hosted annually – with the purpose to educate and inspire about natural horsemanship.

The NHA features this website which has information about natural horsemanship and includes a directory to help link you to your natural horsemanship network of coaches, trainers, and more.

The NHA provides a coaching and training certification program for natural horse
man to certify their skills regardless
of discipline. Please note this coaching program is currently under review and revisions.

The natural horsemanship coaching program focuses on the training principles and techniques used – not the elements of a discipline. This is because natural horsemanship is about using communication and leadership not intimidation and fear. It is a program based on horse psychology – making sure we understand horses and horses understand us. This compliments the Ontario Equestrian Federation (OEF) certification program which is discipline specific and focuses on the tasks within a discipline.

The NHA brings all natural horseman together!

It allows anyone interested in natural horsemanship to find information, coaches, and trainers in one place. If you teach or train natural horsemanship, you can also get certified from the Natural Horsemanship Association. If you already have a coaching/training certification in a natural horsemanship program, you can be added to our directory – for example if you are Parelli or Lyons certified.