NHA Trade Show

About the 2018 Tradeshow 

When: Saturday May 5, 9am – 4pm

Where: Partridge Horse Hill, 531 Hwy 35, Pontypool, Ontario (near Lindsay/Oshawa).

Cost:  Free to NHA members, $20 for non-members. (NHA Memberships can be bought at the door).  Cash only at the door.

Lindsey Partridge

Cash Only, no ATM onsite.  

What: The trade show’s purpose is to educate and inspire about natural horsemanship (forms of training that focus on leadership, communication and trust without punishment) from different horse professionals.

  • Marina Wright with Pair Bond Training liberty work, http://www.thewrightapproach.ca/pair-bond-training.php
  • Capital Cowgirls

    Lindsey Partridge and Franny Galvin-Hynes of Harmony Horsemanship. Lindsey is the First trainer to win two championships at the international Thoroughbred Makeover, and Franny is the first youth to win the Trail division at the Thoroughbred Makeover. harmonyhorsemanship.ca

  • Susan Caldwell: A certified Equestrian Canada Western Competition Coach and Extreme Cowboy competitor. OXC Reserve High Point Pro 2015, Can-Am OXC Shoot Out Race Winner in 2016, and competitor at the 2016 EXCA Race at Salon du Cheval. suec@avidsolutions.com
  • Capital Cowgirls: Ottawa’s drill team led by Level 3 Harmony Horsemanship Instructor Jen Byvelds.  https://thecapitalcowgirls.weebly.com/
  • Ontario Bitless Organization.

    Ontario Bitless Organization Rep – Rebecca

    The Ontario Bitless Organization is dedicated to educating and creating awareness for bitless enthusiasts in Ontario. Providing listings for bitless friendly shows and trainers as well as online resources in an open online forum.Our demos will showcase many bitless options in different uses and how to transition from a bit.

  • Anne & Maggie

    Anne and Maggie, a miniature horse demo. Anne has ridden and owned horses for over 30 years. At 32, she learned to ride again after a rare cancer spread to her brain and left her legally blind. Four years ago Anne discovered miniature horses. Last spring, she bought Maggie as a two year old. Anne has completed Harmony Horsemanship 101, the OTTB Liberty Restart, audited the Become the Centre of Your Horse’s Universe Clinic and is a member of the HH Connection Club. Anne has also participated in other clinics including TTouch and Clicker Training. She is using positive reinforcement with Harmony Horsemanship methods to train Maggie. Anne and Maggie love the calm connection exercises and playing together with obstacles. Anne describes the foundation of their connection as Sheer Joy. They will demonstrate Maggie’s curiosity and steady nature while playing with obstacles. For more information on miniature horses please visit the Miniature Horse Club of Ontario at www.mhco.ca

  • Tracey & Kendal

    Tracey and Kendal – A mini Demo. Tracey has worked with and trained a variety of animals in various capacities throughout her life (dogs, monkeys, parrots, chickens etc..) and has studied ethology and ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) practices as it relates to animals extensively. She has also attended countless workshops, clinics and classes throughout North America and will be attending both of the upcoming Partridge Horse Hill’s “Become the Center of Your Horses Universe” and Liberty clinics. She has only recently, over the last few years, begun to develop her relationship with horses and in particular miniature horses. Tracey is an avid supporter and practicer of positive reinforcement training methods and enjoys trick training, liberty and driving her minis. She shares her farm with her 2 dogs, 5 miniature and 2 standardbred horses.

Schedule for Day:

  • 9am Lindsey Partridge and Franny Galvin Hynes: How to build confidence in horses
  • 9:30am Esther – balanced riding with 2 student riders
  • 10am Marina Wright – pair bonding liberty training part 1
  • 10: 30am Anne Wood and Tracey Burns – the versatility of miniature horses
  • 11am Melissa Caccamo – equine massage
  • 11:30am Susan Caldwell – obstacle training
  • 12pm Ontario Bitless Organization – different types of bitless bridles
  • 12:30pm Chris Chambers – Electromagnetic field Therapy
  • 1pm Susan Caldwell – extreme cowboy racing
  • 1:30pm Capital Cowgirls with Harmony Horsemanship Level 3 instructor Jen Byvelds from Nation Valley Ranch
  • 2pm Lindsey Partridge and Franny Galvin-Hynes– bridleless riding
  • 2:30pm Marina Wright – pair bonding liberty training part 2
  • 3pm Anne Wood and Tracey Burns – the versatility of miniature horses part 2
  • 3:30pm Ontario Bitless Organization – tips to going bitless

Vendors At the Trade Show:

Details to Know:

  • The event is held in an indoor arena. There is a heated viewing room to warm up however the demonstrations will be in an indoor, unheated arena.
  • There will be food for sale with proceeds going to Pontypool United Church
  • Cash only (no ATM onsite)

If you would like to be a vendor, do a demo or presentation please email nhassociation@gmail.com with this we look forward to hearing from you!